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Addiction Treatment Yonkers offers people the chance to make optimistic and life-altering changes by helping them break free of addiction. Addiction is just too damaging, expensive, and painful to agonize through alone, so Addiction Treatment Centers Yonkers assist individuals who have had enough with the suffering and are ready to achieve their sobriety goals. Detox is available to those who require it, and every client has access to customized addiction treatment programs, group and individual counseling, wholesome diversions and physical activities, and beautiful living accommodation that mix the 24-hour supervision and compassionate care of inpatient treatment clinics with the affordability and flexibility of outpatient facilities. Call (914) 218-4559 to start recovery now!

The Dangers of Addiction

An addict can be physiologically addicted to a substance, psychologically addicted, or both. The danger of dependency is always present, regardless of how little or how infrequently the substance is abused. Physiological, or physical, dependence occurs when the body has acclimated to the substance by incorporating it into normal body functions. For instance, when an addict stops using oxycodone, their body is no longer capable of creating “feel good” chemicals independently. Psychological dependence happens when an addict wants or needs the substance because it brings emotional pleasure. People can also become psychologically dependent on certain behaviors, such as gambling, shopping, and self-harm. People can become psychologically and physiologically addicted to a more than one substance or behavior at the same time.

The Goals of Addiction Treatment

The objective of addiction treatment is to help the addict permanently quit substance abuse. Addiction Treatment Yonkers employs a crew of extremely qualified professionals to oversee the client and guide them through the rehabilitation (or rehab) process. During rehab, clients learn about their addictions, and explore how their addictions have psychological, monetary, social, physiological, and legal consequences. Addiction Treatment Yonkers also seeks to investigate the deep-rooted, psychological reasons underlying dependency, helping their clients avoid situations and individuals who previously acted as triggers to drug and alcohol abuse.

Customized Addiction Treatments

There are a wide variety of therapies available to treat addiction, and while some are effective some people, others will be better served by completely different methods. At Addiction Treatment Yonkers, skilled, experienced professionals evaluate each client’s addiction, personal history, and intentions in order to determine which treatment will be best. One widespread therapy technique that clients might experience is cognitive-behavioral therapy, which teaches clients to recognize and cope with triggers of drug and alcohol abuse. Family therapy, another common part of treatment, strives to create a supportive and wholesome family relationship. The use of motivational incentives throughout rehab encourages clients to make adjustments in their environment and social circles, in order to promote long-term abstinent behavior.

The First Step: Call Addiction Treatment Yonkers Now!

The decision to give up drug and alcohol abuse is the first of many decisions on the road to recovery. The first and most vital step towards becoming clean and sober is picking up the phone. If you have questions about detox, prescription drugs, and treatment center locations, you can get answers from the addiction recovery specialists at Addiction Treatment Yonkers, New York. It is time to end addiction! Make a start towards a clean and joyful future, and call Addiction Treatment Yonkers at (914) 218-4559 now!