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Alcohol Rehab Yonkers helps people reclaim their family, friendships, and relationships from the grips of alcohol addiction. Regardless of age or background, it’s possible to recover from alcohol addiction. Addiction makes people feel helpless, and they don’t know who they can to rely on, or where to go. Fear of disgrace keeps them silent, especially in cultures that stigmatize addiction with guilt and shame, making recovery more complex. End the cycle of negativity! Alcohol Rehab Centers Yonkers confronts dependency from bodily and mental perspectives, making it possible for everyone to battle dependency and start changing their lives. Speak with an addiction professional and you can take the first step toward recovery. Call (914) 218-4559 now!

How Alcohol Addiction Hurts

Alcohol addiction is unhealthy for lots of reasons: it ruins relationships, hampers personal success, damages the body, and has unwanted side effects on the brain. Alcohol users face cirrhosis (or hardening) of the liver, epilepsy, heart disease, dietary deficiencies, ulcers, damage to the nervous system, cancer, and death. Alcohol also poses a serious mental health threat. Brain function, emotional wellbeing, and social skills are all negatively impacted, and alcohol abuse is associated with about 10% of all dementia diagnoses. Alcohol abuse even impairs the user’s perception of facial expressions and feelings, and limits their ability to understand humor.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Alcohol dependency is an illness, and, like other diseases, addiction can wreck the lives of people who suffer from it. Alcohol Rehab Yonkers is unique because they design custom treatment plans for all their clients, regardless if the addiction has been chronic for years or if the first signs of dependency newly evident. Recovery is possible for everybody, and because everyone has a unique and individual history, Alcohol Rehab Yonkers, New York customizes treatment programs using tried-and-true treatment strategies that have the very best standard of recovery. As a leader in the rehab community, Alcohol Rehab Yonkers makes use of proven therapies, like detox, individual and group counseling, wholesome diversions and physical activities, and 12-step meetings.


It requires an experienced team of alcohol recovery specialists to help alcohol users become permanently sober, in part because alcohol abuse is often complicated by the presence of psychiatric disorders, such as depression. Many rehabilitation facilities attempt to treat alcohol addiction without taking into consideration other complicating factors, like the co-occurrence of psychological disorders or other addictions. Programs at Alcohol Rehab Yonkers are adapted to meet every client’s individual profile, taking all circumstances into consideration when designing treatment. These affordable treatment programs range from 28 days, to 60 days, or even 90 days, and are completed in deluxe outpatient lodging with all the comforts and high-quality care as expensive, inpatient facilities.

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Alcohol Rehab Yonkers is helping addicts recover their sobriety. Although addiction can be a powerful force, many alcohol addicts and abusers fight for sobriety and win. The fact is, there are so many resources available that choosing the first step toward recovery can be overwhelming. Let Alcohol Rehab Yonkers help, and make contact with one of their alcohol addiction recovery specialists. Operators are available 24 hours a day to help evaluate treatment methods and recommend the ideal treatment center for every client’s particular needs. To speak with an alcohol recovery specialist, call (914) 218-4559 now!