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Drug Rehab Yonkers gave me a second opportunity
I actually wanted time to think and clear my head, and Drug Rehab Yonkers helped me get in the correct frame of mind. Drug Rehab Yonkers gave me a second opportunity, and once I started to do things their way, everything they promised would happen, did. The most necessary part of getting sober and making rehab work is being open minded and humble, and to stop trying to be a “big man” and glorifying your previous behavior.
, Yonkers Dec 7, 2011

Positive and successful
My entire experience at Drug Rehab Yonkers was really positive and successful. They actually helped me understand why I drink, what my triggers are, where I should go for assistance, the origins of my substance abuse, and how to sustain a lifelong sobriety. The staff at Drug Rehab Yonkers is great and very compassionate.
, Yonkers Mar 13, 2012

Happy with life again
Drug Rehab Yonkers was a very good fit; it was comfortable, clean, and the employees were friendly. Their staff was also very skilled and educated, and each day is organized to the hour. I believe that if I hadn’t finally called Drug Rehab Yonkers’s hotline and requested help, then I would never have my life back. I’m so grateful to have the people I love back in my life, and to be able to be honest and happy with life again.
, Yonkers Jun 14, 2011

I’m so thankful they gave me my life back
I had a really constructive experience at Drug Rehab Yonkers. Drug Rehab Yonkers has the very best employees and therapists, and they actually make an effort to help you discover your triggers and teach you to avoid harmful situations that you would use drugs to escape. I truthfully can’t say enough good things about Drug Rehab Yonkers. I’m so thankful they gave me my life back.
, Yonkers Sep 12, 2011

Experienced and training for you
It’s in your best interest to let Drug Rehab Yonkers assist you, because they have much more experienced and training for you. Employees at Drug Rehab Yonkers actually helped me so much once I was capable of opening up. Along with the therapists, there are many people at Drug Rehab Yonkers who know the way to help you get sober, so pay attention to them.
, Yonkers Mar 18, 2011

Drug Rehab Yonkers NY is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.